Psychotherapy-Counseling for Families

SERVICES Psychotherapy-Counseling for Families Family therapy is a form of psychotherapy and aims to address difficulties that arise within the family system, to improve the functioning of the family as a group, but also to maintain the mental health of each member individually. For this reason, all family members participate. What is particularly important in […]

Psychotherapy-Counseling for Couples

SERVICES Psychotherapy-Counseling for Couples The couple’s psychotherapy takes place in sessions in which the couple participates together and the request relates exclusively to their relationship. The therapist encourages the emotional expression of both partners and facilitates the development of problems concerning the interaction between them. The aim is to alleviate the symptoms and problems that […]

Psychotherapy-Counseling for Children

SERVICES Psychotherapy-Counseling for Children Rapid physical, cognitive and psycho-emotional development, schooling, interaction with peers, anxiety related to tests, relationships with parents and teachers, dysfunctional forms of communication within the family are sources of common concern in children and adolescents. Any psychic tension will be expressed through their behavior, which is their own “language” of communication. […]

Psychotherapy-Counseling for Adolescents

SERVICES Psychotherapy-Counseling for Adolescents Adolescence is a time of rapid physical and psychological changes, anxiety and feelings of uncertainty. The lives and moods of adolescents vary a lot. At this point, adolescents often need help with the difficulties they are facing. In psychotherapy our goal is to alleviate symptoms, to intervene in the system in […]

Psychotherapy-Counseling for Adults

SERVICES Psychotherapy-Counseling for Adults Psychotherapy is a process of healing and self-awareness that comes about through the relationship with a therapist. It always starts at the request of the patient, who seeks relief from a symptom, treatment of a difficulty or impasse, or better self-understanding. In a caring environment, the patient is encouraged to express […]