Eleonora Petraki Viance - Clinical Psychologist

Whatever the reason for consultation, I welcome you with kindness, non-judgment and confidentiality.

I receive consultations at the office or online for children, adolescents, adult couples and families.

Please do not hesitate to contact me, so that we can work together on cases such as depression, anxiety, psychosomatic symptoms, phobias, eating disorders, relationship problems, etc.

Contact me, to organize a first exploratory session where we will discuss everything that concerns you, without further commitment.


Counseling for Adults

Counseling for Adolescents

Counseling for Children

Psychotherapy Counseling for Couples

Psychotherapy Counseling for Families

*All of the above services are also provided online

Why consult ?

Usually, we consult a shrink when “things are not going well”. The process can be carefully considered, but it can also happen that the context is oppressive and that a meeting becomes a necessity.

The motivations for going to see a psychologist are varied: a painful separation, bereavement, family difficulties, parental guidance needs, worries at work (harassment, dismissal), ill-being, etc.

Being surrounded by friends is necessary, but being accompanied by a neutral person in a setting reserved for you helps you see things more clearly. Your suffering needs to be expressed but also to be heard, it needs words to be put on it to gradually decrease because speaking is liberating.

But you may also be wondering about yourself, without necessarily going badly: a feeling of not quite where you belong or not quite who you want to be, a search for meaning, a need to understand an event or a period.

It is then an approach to take stock, to change the way you look at yourself. The psychologist is the third party who brings you an outside look for new perspectives of reflection.

The different «shrinks»

Looking for help but realize the complexity of choosing a professional ? You want to consult but you are a little lost. Psychologist, psychiatrist, psychoanalyst… You don't really know how they differ and what you need. Here is a presentation.


A psychiatrist is a doctor who specializes in psychiatry. He has a university and hospital course and treats a pathology. He is able to prescribe drug treatment. He can combine talk therapy with his treatment, but not always.


A psychologist is a university-trained professional who holds a master’s degree with a specialization. He performs individual or group psychotherapies, in practice or in an institution. His training leads him to be also followed by a psychologist with whom he performs regular supervision.


A psychotherapist is a professional trained in a very specific practice with which he treats psychic suffering. Thus, a psychoanalyst uses psychoanalysis while a hypnotherapist uses hypnosis. They are psychotherapists from different schools using different tools. The psychotherapist is trained in a private school, but can also be trained on his own.