I am available for appointments every Saturday at the MAZI medical center. The center is located at 20 Rue Belliard, 1000 Brussels. The office is located in a very central location in Brussels and easy to access (metro stop Trône).

Consultations are only by appointment. You can make an appointment by message / phone at 0472913502 or by e-mail at

A consultation lasts for an individual patient 45 to 50 minutes, and for a couple about 1 hour.

Payments for sessions are made directly after each session. The office does not have electronic means of payment.

Mutuals or private insurance reimburse a lump sum. Please inquire directly with your mutual fund and I will complete your documents.


All of the services are also provided online, especially for people who live in other cities or in remote areas. By using the Internet and the possibilities it offers us, it is possible to hold consultations at a distance. Although face-to-face therapy cannot be replaced, online sessions have proven to be extremely effective and useful, especially in cases where lifelong therapy is not possible. Remote sessions follow the rules for current sessions. They are conducted at a fixed day and time, and last 45 minutes. The objective of holding face-to-face sessions is still maintained and this is pursued at every possible opportunity. In this way, we strengthen and facilitate the healing process.

Remote sessions can be benefited by :

  • People who, during treatment, are invited to move to another region / country and do not wish to end their existing therapeutic relationship with their psychologist.
  • People who live in a foreign country and wish to lead sessions in their mother tongue.
  • People who, due to a health problem (disability), find it difficult to move around.
  • People living in remote areas (countryside, islands), where the choice of mental health professionals is limited or where there is a fear of stigma from a closed society.

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